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Keeping Up In Greenwood

Do you own or work for a local business? Are you hosting an event in the community?

Partnering with Keeping Up In Greenwood can get the word out to an engaged, local audience.


1. Get in Touch

Tell me a little bit about you and your business or project. No need for anything formal, just a simple introduction! Send your introduction, here.

2. Vet & Learn

After the initial communication is made, I will learn more about the business, activity, or event and be sure that it aligns with the mission and purpose of Keeping Up IN Greenwood.

3. Collaborate

Once we decide the partnership is a good fit, we will discuss collaboration options on Keeping Up IN Greenwood platforms. I'll send through a proposal as a jumping off point, and we will go from there! Partnerships can range from inclusion on the weekly event lineup, to Instagram or blog posts, and everything in-between!

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