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An Inside Look at Greenwood Public Library.

I recently took a tour of the Greenwood Public Library in the heart of downtown Greenwood. As a mom who likes to get my kids out of the house (even when we can’t play outside), the library has some awesome events and spaces you kiddos will love.


Main Floor:

The main floor consists of most of the kid-friendly areas in the library! You’ll find:

  • The modern staircase that takes you to the 2nd floor.

  • The children's department.

  • The Teen department.

  • Bathrooms and most rooms for special events.

Children’s Department:

I feel like I should break down the children’s department because there are so many awesome areas for your kiddos to explore and play!

  • An awesome open concept space and the infamous bridge that helps you cross into the play areas.

  • Hands-on brain stimulating puzzles along the walls and STEAM kits that you can check out and take home.

  • State of the art activity and sensory rooms.

  • A newly renovated kid size play area called Main Street GPL. This set up has miniature businesses and a train table to help promote imaginative play. You can check out toys to play with even if you don’t have a library card. (Just trade your keys or wallet to use them!)

  • An enclosed crawl space by baby’s and prewalkers. (Under 18 months)

  • Resources for new parents and for kids as they grow.

  • Tables to sit at to read and color right by the play area.

  • It does continue into the studio space upstairs! Scroll down to second floor to read more about that.

They also offer some amazing programs for kids as young as babies!

  • Storytimes for babies and toddlers that are offered multiple times throughout the week.

  • 1,000 books before Kindergarten - This can help foster the love of reading in young children. This free, self-paced reading program for infants through preschoolers allows parents and caregivers an opportunity to share books daily with their child, while helping promote a bigger vocabulary and early literacy.

  • Craft events and hands-on programs for all ages.

Teen Department:

I’m a younger millennial mom who is almost 30, but I thought the teen room was super cool! The set up was very open and nonchalant that didn’t make teens feel like they had to interact if they didn’t want to. I felt like there was lots of space to be creative as well!

  • Design and create on their Lego, Light Brite, or magnetic interactive boards.

  • Select an activity from the “Boredom Cart”.

  • Explore STEM concepts with one of their maker kits

  • The coolest thing I saw was that you can play checkers or chess on their giant game board– and by giant I mean life-size!

  • There’s also a chance to play video games for the game lovers in your home!

There are also programs offered for teens that take place once a week! Check their calendar for upcoming teen events.

There is one other super cool area I noticed as we walked in. They set up all their new book arrivals, so if you have the chance to walk through check them out!

Second floor:

The second floor, after walking up that beautiful staircase, mostly consists of the adult areas.

  • There is a great space to the left that has seating for those who work remotely, or college students who might need a quiet space to work.

  • Sectioned areas for adult reading materials.

  • A room that can be rented for kids. This room is great for supervised visits or different types of therapy. (Call ahead to rent).

  • There are also study and community rooms you can rent as well.

  • The Studio includes 3 large work areas, 3 editing computers, 37 craft and STEM kits that can be checked out for use in the room, and a variety of community equipment available.

  • Along with the studio there is a 3D printer, the A.V. room, a laminator, a cricut, and more resources to help small businesses.

There are also library events and programs available only for adults. Make sure to check their calendar for what’s coming up!

This library sits right in the heart of downtown Greenwood and has so many amazing resources for everyone in the Greenwood community. With all of these new revisions and growth, it really feels like they kept everyone in mind when designing it.

To see the video from our visit to the library, follow @keeepingupingreenwood on Instagram


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