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Seeds of Caring INDY - Book Drive 8/1 - 9/14

Have you wanted to get your kids involved with volunteering and showing them how they can give back to those in need? Seeds of Caring Indy can help you find a project that is age appropriate that you can do from home, even with a busy schedule like myself.


Seeds of Caring believes in the power of kindness and the capacity for kids to change the world. This isn’t just volunteer work though, it's helping create kindness in the next generation. All programming is designed with age-appropriate guided discussion, opportunities for empathetic reflection, meaningful service, social action, and community building activities.

Seeds of Caring Indy has partnered with Indy Book Project to help ensure all children have access to books at home. To date, they have gifted 159,000 books to local children. As a mom of two boys under 4, I spend a lot of time reading to them and we have created quite a collection over the years. I can’t imagine not having books to read to them whenever they ask.

To help celebrate my milestone of 1,000 followers on instagram, I want to give back to the kids of the community I call home. I’m inviting you— My KUIG followers to help give back as well. You guys have been the most supportive and engaging group of people since my launch at the end of May 2023. I know we can all make a difference in helping teach our kids about being kind and helping others!

I registered my family and I to complete the Book Drive Project to provide a meaningful opportunity for my young kids to give back to those in need. The Indy Book Project is really in need of board books before the holiday season and I would love to help make a difference by donating as many books as we can!

All you need to do is click HERE to register between now and September 14th to sign up to donate at least 5 new or gently used books. After registering, you will be emailed a packet that includes detailed instructions, education components, a supply list, and a drop off location. (There is one in Indy, Greenwood, & Carmel!)

I would love to see how many of us are joining this opportunity to give books to other kids in need. Please send this to your friends and family to help donate as many books as possible! Feel free to tag @keepingupingreenwood on your instagram story as you work on your project! I’d love to share your work with everyone in the KUIG community. I'll be sharing as my kids and I complete this project!

Check out their website for more ways you help teach your kids the importance of helping others!


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